Luke Breadon


Personalised prospectus email

BIMM - prospectus email

The brief

As part of BIMM’s yearly pitch to potential students in the UK and throughout Europe, a range of marketing comms would be briefed to the in-house creative team. For this email, the goal was to design a visually engaging email which leveraged existing data available for each potential student.

Design solution

I designed and built a responsive email which showcased the prospectus relevant to the information provided by the potential student on the lead capture form on the website. For example, if you indicated that you were interested in the London campus, you would be sent an email with visuals that reflected this, and links to download the London prospectus. This personalised approach meant that one email campaign serviced seven campuses.

What was my input?

I was engaged as the sole designer and developer for the project, including the build of the marketing automation in Mailchimp.