Luke Breadon

British & Irish Modern Music Institute

Facebook Instant Experience

BIMM - Facebook Instant Experience

The brief

As part of BIMM’s yearly pitch to potential students in the UK and throughout Europe, a range of marketing comms would be briefed to the in-house creative team. As lead designer on the team I kept abreast of new social media formats and proposed the use of Facebook Instant Experience (then known as Canvas). The brief was to design a mini-website using Facebook IX that helped customers learn about the college and make applications as easy as possible.

Design solution

The Facebook Instant Experience I designed incorporated videos, image carousels and custom branding per campus. The result was an in-feed experience that had 2x the conversion rate of traditional hyperlinks directly to the college’s website.

What was my input?

I was the sole designer for the Facebook Instant Experience itself. I worked alongside video editors and photographers who inputted assets to appear within the social ad format.