Luke Breadon


Prospectus document

BIMM Prospectus
BIMM Prospectus

The brief

British & Irish Modern Music Institute releases a suite of yearly prospectus documents as part of their pitch to potential vocational students completing their high school studies in the UK and throughout Europe and beyond. In 2017, the brief was to produce a fresh prospectus design that captured the essence of each school campus city, along with that school’s colour branding and a current student. 

Design solution

I designed a hundred+ page document which featured bold, singular photography on the cover, which when combined with a dye-cut design, peeked through to the branded colour of each campus on the inner spread. The result was a more direct design that previously, whilst also specifically highlighting the uniqueness of each campus city.

What was my input?

I lead a team of designers for the project, which included print and digital PDF versions of the prospectus, along with subsequent lead capture landing pages and triggered, personalised email marketing campaigns.