Luke Breadon



BRICTT - Branding

The brief

Bright Institute for Contemporary Theatre Training (now known as Institute for Contemporary Theatre) is a performing arts school in Brighton, UK. BRICTT was birthed after being acquired by BIMM, Europe’s largest music college group. Previously, the studios at BRICTT were branded Bird Studios.

The brief was to design the branding for the new school, including a logo, creative direction for the first year of marketing comms and brand guidelines for ongoing use.

Design solution

I designed a range of visual concepts, and landed on a tri-tone design which was a play on the letter ‘B’, which also representing how three parts of the curriculum worked together, and finally being an abstract representation of a parrot, as a subtle nod to the past.

What was my input?

I was one of a number of designers who pitched for the branding project, and my work was selected. I produced multiple versions of the logo for different use cases, brand guidelines, creatively directed the first two years of marketing comms and also designed their website and email marketing campaigns. ICT has retained the essence of my brand work as part of a brand refresh, simply moving to a monotone style and tweaking the typography in line with the refreshed branding of the parent company BIMM.